Caramel Brownie Cheesecake


Caramel Brownie Cheesecake featured a thick fudgy brownie bottom with a luscious layer of creamy vanilla cheesecake all topped with salted caramel sauce. Every bite is heaven!


  1. Posted by dontworrybrihappy, — Reply

    Cheesecake was great, homemade caramel was awesome, but the brownie bottom wasn’t stellar (basically felt really packed down and maybe a bit overcooked).

  2. Posted by erinxbecker, — Reply

    this is so good!!!

  3. Posted by craigsokc, — Reply

    I’ve made this twice. Tasted great both times but the second time I used my 10 inch pan and we all liked it better. The brownie crust didn’t seem as thick and hard and the cheesecake didn’t crack (nothing to do with the pan) however the first time my caramel sauce turned out beautifully (actually looked like caramel) but the second time I couldn’t get it to brown so it looked (and tasted) like butter and sugar. But the cake is delicious!!

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