Homemade Cheesecake Recipe | If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen


This homemade cheesecake recipe makes a thick, rich and creamy cheesecake with a buttery graham cracker crust. Follow these steps for the best cheesecake!


  1. Posted by raeannesdellinger, — Reply

    Hi..Would a smaller cheesecake pan take a shorter cooking/resting Time? With cheesecake it’s so hard to tell bc I know it will keep cooking after I turn the oven off. Any tips? I’m using a 6.5″ tin

  2. Posted by frisky103183, — Reply

    Perfect recipe, cheesecake was silky and had NO cracks. Easy recipe, especially for someone who had never made a cheesecake.

  3. Posted by anniermacie, — Reply

    Did anyone have trouble with only baking 1 hr? Its still very jiggly at 1 hour and I'm not sure what to do

  4. Posted by hadsh5334, — Reply

    Made this it was delicious made it twice, and it tasted great will make again highly recommend

  5. Posted by fatima9113, — Reply

    Made it for a friend of mine. Turned out delicious 😋

  6. Posted by gabvnice1979, — Reply

    It was so good 100% recommend to bake.

  7. Posted by natalienobarian, — Reply


  8. Posted by natalienobarian, — Reply

    I love cheesecake!

  9. Posted by honestcooks, — Reply

    helpful video https://youtu.be/E9PzzqBrUfY

  10. Posted by iachopurcxvanidze, — Reply

    Masky wouldnt mind eating this

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